Here’s What the Costco Food Court Looks Like in Iceland

published Oct 11, 2018
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(Image credit: Trong Nguyen/Shutterstock)

For a country where winter temperatures hover around freezing, the menu of the Costco food court in Iceland is surprisingly full of cold treats. The small menu, posted on Reddit by user AMIGOvalueshopper, offers just a half-dozen options — three of which are frozen.

Costco is new in Iceland, having just opened for the first time last year. The bulk-buy paradise has taken the country by storm — getting locals excited and adding 40% increase in cargo flights to the small country. But this Reddit photo gives us a peek at the most important thing: what you can get at the food court.

As we found in Mexico, there’s a mango smoothie, a bargain at $3.86 USD for a country that is, let’s just say, very, very far from anywhere the fruit might grow. Users in the comments support that it’s “absolutely delicious,” and wonder why they don’t sell it in the U.S.

Additional frozen treats include the gelato, something that has apparently been removed from U.S. stores. “Ice cream is a massive deal there,” explains user Lamzn6, which may also explain the soft-serve chocolate-vanilla swirl sundaes that are everywhere.

On the hot side, it’s basically the standard Costco offerings, including the love-it-or-hate-it chicken bake — the giant Hot Pocket crossed with a bread stick and filled with chicken. (It looks pretty much exactly the same as the one offered in American stores.) The pizza, though, user m_chan1 says, “Looks better than the pizza used in the U.S.” And it comes in cheese, pepperoni, and barbecue chicken, but the original posters says, “too bad they don’t have combo pizzas.” (Nor pineapple — which the country’s president declared he was “firmly opposed to,” and suggested banning.)

Commenters expressed disappointment that Iceland’s most famous (infamous?) food, fermented shark, didn’t make an appearance, given that other places have regional specialties like poutine in Quebec, al pastor pizza in Mexico, shaved ice in Taiwan, and Hokkaido-milk smoothies in Japan. They do, of course, have the coveted Costco hot dogs, shown with just the slimmest lines of mustard and ketchup — intriguing, given the country’s famous hot dog scene.