The Healthiest Pre-Made Dishes to Get at Costco, According to a Nutritionist

published Sep 9, 2019
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Credit: Trong Nguyen

When you think of a pre-made menu item to pick up quickly at Costco, what comes to mind? I’m guessing all of you are thinking of the iconic rotisserie chicken. And yeah, it’s a quick, crowd-pleasing solution, but it’s certainly not one of the healthiest things you can get (so much sodium!). Whether you need something quick for dinner, want a shortcut for lunch, or you’re on your way to a party and don’t want to show up empty-handed, these are five of the healthiest pre-made dishes you can buy at Costco. They’re all plant based, and — bonus — budget-friendly!

Credit: Heather McClees

1. Quinoa Salad, $4.79 per pound

This container might not look too exciting and may even appear bit small, but don’t be fooled — it’s almost 2.5 pounds of goodness, and packs tons of flavor. Featuring quinoa, peppers, cucumbers, kale, brown rice, lentils, tomatoes, and mung beans, it’s hearty and satisfying. Look for it in the pre-made salad department (near the meat and seafood section).

Credit: Heather McClees

2. Cedar Lane Organic Chopped Vegetable and Barley Soup, $8 for two 32-ounce containers

This soup is, by far, my favorite pre-made option at Costco. It contains filling and wholesome whole-grain barley and organic vegetables, and is vegan-friendly and an excellent source of fiber. While a bit high in sodium, this soup is organic and free of artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives, and chemicals that are commonly found in canned soup and non-organic options. If you do have time to cook, I like to put a cup of this in the slow cooker and bulk it up with even more veggies or leafy greens.

Credit: Heather McClees

3. Tuscan Bean Salad, $10 for 42.4 ounces

If you’re a fan of bean salads, this is an option you need to know. Made with peppers, onions, tomatoes, barley, navy beans, chickpeas, and natural seasonings, it’s zesty and slightly spicy. While it’s not gluten-free, it is vegan-friendly, low in sodium, and cholesterol-free. One half cup is only 140 calories and an excellent source of fiber (5 grams!). No time to make hummus from scratch? I’ve puréed this into a creamy dip with one spin in the food processor. 

Credit: Heather McClees

4. Hannah Hommus Trio, $7 for 36 ounces

Speaking of hummus! If you don’t want to get out the food processor, buy this container. It’s got three fun flavors — Classic, Roasted Red Pepper (my fave!), and Cilantro Lime — all in one. Each serving is only 80 calories and the whole thing will last for a few weeks in the fridge.

Credit: Heather McClees

5. Don Lee Farms Veggie Bites, $10 for 28 ounces

These little bites by Don Lee Farms (makers of the wildly popular veggie burgers at Costco!) are the perfect alternative to the standard tater tot. Made with nutrient-dense sweet potatoes, kale, tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, corn, and whole grains, each serving packs 2/3 cup of veggies. I like to serve them as appetizers with ketchup, hot sauce, marinara sauce, or Costco’s Organic Kirkland Signature Salsa.

Rotisserie chicken aside, what are your favorite pre-made groceries at Costco?