10 Trendy, Healthy New Grocery Finds We Just Spotted at Costco

published Aug 15, 2019
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You wouldn’t think that Costco is the sort of place where you’ll find lots of new groceries. The warehouse giant is known for having a pared-down selection, so you might think it stocks the basics and that’s it. But you’d be wrong! Within the last year or so, Costco really started adding new items to the shelves. Healthy ones, at that!!

So yes, I still go to stock up on my favorite Costco products, but I also look around to see what’s new since my last visit.

Whether you’re shopping for salty snacks, healthful chocolate treats, or need some extra help getting in your veggies, Costco has new finds for you! Here are 10 trendy, healthy new grocery items I recently spotted at Costco.

Credit: Heather McClees

1. Shrooms, $9 for 7 ounces

Is it just me or are mushrooms having a moment right now? I’m loving these savory low-calorie snacks, which are just dried mushroom slices with a tasty umami flavor. Mushrooms are a great source of fiber, vitamin D, and offer many antioxidants and phytonutrients not found in other veggies. Grab a bag and eat them as a snack or on top of a salad.

Credit: Heather McClees

2. Deavas Organic Dark Chocolate Belgian Thins, $10 for 17 ounces

The front section of Costco is normally where you’ll find junkier foods (like sugar-filled candies and baked goods), but there can be some gems hidden in there. I spotted this bag of Deavas Organic Dark Chocolate Belgian Thins bark and was instantly impressed with the ingredient list. It’s got chia seeds, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, and more! This healthy indulgent treat is also organic and has no refined ingredients, plus it shows where every single ingredient comes from on the back of the package. Did I mention it’s delicious?!

Credit: Heather McClees

3. Rhythm Superfoods Organic Cauliflower Bites, $7 for 5.75 ounces

Cauliflower has been popping up in everything from riced veggies to wraps and, now, the snack aisle in chips, bars, and more. Rhythm Superfoods — maker of the almighty kale chips that Costco also carries — did a great job with these bites. They’re suitable for Paleo, vegan, keto, and gluten-free diets or just anyone looking for a slightly salty, savory snack. Not a bad way to eat your veggies!

Credit: Heather McClees

4. GoGo Squeez Blastz Fruit Pouches, $10 for 16

I fully admit it: I’m a grownup who loves fruit squeeze packs. Whether it’s the traditional applesauce varieties or more creative options such as these new berry-flavored fruit packs by GoGo Squeez, fruit packs are great for snackers of all ages. I like to stick one in the freezer for 30 minutes and enjoy it like a cool treat. The only ingredients in here? Real fruit.

Credit: Heather McClees

5. RW Garcia Organic Lentil with Turmeric Crackers, $10 for 30 ounces

Crackers are making a comeback — this time, in the form of veggies, beans, and ancient grains. Made with organic lentil flour, these crackers by RW Garcia are infused with anti-inflammatory turmeric root, and they’re filled with nutrient-dense seeds for the ultimate crunch. Dip these into salsa, hummus, soup, or just snack on them at lunch or mid-afternoon. They’re a great source of fiber and even offer plant-based protein — which is practically unheard of when it comes to crackers!

Credit: Heather McClees

6. From the Ground Up Cauliflower Tortilla Chips, $6 for 14 ounces

More cauliflower! You can eat your veggies and have your chips at the same time now thanks to these tortilla chips. Made with gluten-free ingredients that are also grain-free, these are suitable for most anyone. You also can’t beat the price, this bag is way larger in person than it looks!

Credit: Heather McClees

7. Innofoods Dark Chocolate Nuggets with Coconut + Super Seeds, $11 for 18 ounces

Innofoods is one of my favorite brands to spot at Costco because they’ve nailed healthy coconut treats. Their popular Coconut Clusters are still tops and this dark chocolate version, new in stores this month, is another must-try. If you love dark chocolate and coconut — two things that never go out of style — then you’re going to love these clusters. Bonus: They’re free of refined sugar, low in added sugars per serving, and rich in antioxidants and fiber!

Credit: Heather McClees

8. Nature’s Path Organic Golden Turmeric Cereal, $7.50 for 28 ounces

Nature’s Path always seems to have something new at my Costco store. Their latest cereal is cut with turmeric, and while it might sound like a strange flavor to add to cereal due to its pungent flavor, don’t pass up trying it! Also made with coconut, honey, and cinnamon, the flavor combination works so well. This cereal is also gluten-free, has no refined sugar, and only has 6 grams of natural added sugar per serving. You get two huge boxes for less than $8, too, which is pretty good for an organic cereal.

Credit: Heather McClees

9. Big Easy Bucha Organic Kombucha, $15 for 8 (16-ounce) bottles

The last time I counted, Costco had five — yes five! — brands of kombucha! It’s practically taking over the juice and milk aisle at this point. Among the top contender for the best option: This box from Big Easy Bucha. The brand offers 16 flavors, which you can buy online, and Costco carries an assorted pack of the Melon Magic and Bayou Berry flavors. I’m in love with the low sugar count in these — and the cute packaging doesn’t hurt.

Credit: Heather McClees

10. Don Lee Farms Sweet Potato and Sunflower Seed Veggie Burgers, $9 for 2.25 pounds

Don Lee Farms veggie burgers hit Costco shelves more than two years ago and have been a hit ever since. The options come and go on a rotational basis and this is their latest offering for summer. One of these would make a great lunch to take to work or a quick dinner. You can even prep a patty and crumble it on top of a salad. Each burger contains 2/3 cup of veggies plus fiber, protein, iron, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

What have you spotted recently at Costco? Have you tried any of these finds?