The Most Relaxing Videos on YouTube Are Actually Costco Hauls

published Aug 1, 2018
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Have you ever fallen down a serious YouTube rabbit hole? Maybe one that made absolutely no sense? I’ve never set foot in a Costco, but I’ve watched hours of Costco haul videos.

Anyone who has stumbled into this genre knows that there’s something bizarrely soothing about listening to gentle narration on the contents of a shopping cart. For actual Costco shoppers, these videos are chock-full of useful tips and tricks to optimize your next shopping expedition.

But these videos are more than soothing and useful — they can be bizarrely riveting, even for someone who has never known the glory of a Kirkland-branded snack.

Travel the World Like a Local

Grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling. It gives you a slice of life experience and opens your mind to new ingredients. International Costco haul videos offer a taste of this kind of wanderlust-soaked aisles roaming. Find out how people embrace their local Costco all over the world. Watch a shopper in Japan pick up a pack of Hokkaido cream buns and giant boxes of sushi, or see what a vegan shops for at Costco in Australia. Iceland, France, Korea — through haul videos, the Costco travel options are endless.

Find Out How a Nutritionist Shops

Tired of only seeing super-expensive healthy food recommendations? Bring it back down to earth and see how a nutritionist approaches Costco. Becca Bristow is a registered dietitian with tons of tips for how to optimize your Costco experience.

I had no idea you can pick up a giant pack of RX bars or 34-ounce bottles of avocado oil, or that Kirkland bars have basically the same ingredient list as KIND bars. These are items that typically don’t make it into my cart because of their price point, so this video is definitely inspiring me to check out my local Costco.

See What It’s Like to Shop for a Big Family

Costco is also a must-visit for big families. The scale of these shopping adventures is incredible; it’s like watching someone shop for a catering job. I’m typically shopping for two people, so getting a sneak peek into this lifestyle is fascinating. These moms are superheroes, organizing menus for the next month and kitting out birthday parties and backyard barbecues. If you have a big family, these could be an awesome resource for your grocery shopping adventures.

Have you ever watched a Costco haul video on YouTube? Share your favorite in the comments!