Costco Has Stopped Selling Their Wildly Popular Half-Sheet Cakes at All U.S. Locations

updated Jun 25, 2020
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As the pandemic put pressure on supply lines the last few months and as panicked shoppers stocked up on essentials, signs outside local Costco warehouses warned of outages before customers even entered: most commonly toilet paper, flour, yeast, and, often, sheet cake. But while grocery stock-outs have calmed down, many fans of the store have been disappointed to learn that they still might not be able to find the favorite half-sheet cake.

As graduation parties, big birthday parties, and other large-scale events have been canceled, it might make sense to eliminate the rather large half-sheet cakes from inventory — except that the constant sell-outs showed that people still clamored for the cakes, whether to simply eat on their own, or to freeze for later, or to bring around to friends and family. So what happened? The demise of the half-sheet cake came because Costco has reduced service in some of the departments to make sure that they have enough space for everyone to socially distance, reports Today.

Instead of the large half-sheet cakes, which feed about 40 people and usually cost less than $20, Costco is focusing efforts on the smaller 10-inch round cakes. “We are currently not selling our 1/2 sheet cakes at any US locations and as of right now, we have no immediate plans to bring them back,” Costco confirmed to Today.

The smaller cakes, say ardent fans on the company’s Facebook page, just are not the same. Some even say that the cakes are all or a large part of why they have a membership. “PLLEEEEEEEEEASSE bring back the half sheet cakes!! Best cakes ever! Worth the price of membership on its own! Birthdays are disappointing without one!!” One commenter said.

If you’re missing the classic half-sheet cake from Costco, you can always try making your own version at home. We have a one-bowl vanilla cake with sprinkles, a simple chocolate cake, and this chocolate cake with honey-roasted peanut butter frosting.