The “So Smart” $10 Costco Organizer I Wish I’d Bought Way Sooner (I Have One in Every Single Room!)

published May 21, 2024
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Have you ever been five aisles and half a cart deep into the grocery store, only to realize you forgot your reusable bags in the car (or, worse, at home)? If you’re anything like me, it quickly turns into regret about even leaving the house to shop, and anger over the fact that you’re going to have to pay for bags at checkout (if that’s even an option!). And that’s where my absolute favorite collapsible organizers from Costco come in.

See, I’m from New Jersey — I grew up here, still live here, and love it. In 2020, New Jersey passed a plastic bag ban law that went into effect in May 2022. As someone who pretty much always forgot reusable bags in the car anyway when going into stores to shop, I knew this law was going to rock my world and kick me into (eco-friendly) gear. 

Enter: the Greenmade InstaCrate Collapsible Storage Bin I can’t live without. Revolutionary? No. Legendary? Yes. It’s a collapsible storage bin that you can use in so many different ways. The boxes each come with handle cutaways for easy transportation, and have a smart, durable design with a sturdy, locked-in construction that won’t budge. Each of the collapsible bins can hold up to 50 pounds! Plus, they cost $40 for a pack of four both in-store and online. 

Credit: Brittany Irvine

I love these bins for so many reasons, but the collapsible, space-saving nature of them reigns supreme. If you’re driving to and from the grocery store, tucking the four-pack into your trunk or back seat is so simple: They fold down to a flat rectangle, and are super easy to stow and just carry to your cart. When your haul makes it into the house, unload and collapse the bins back down again for easy storage that takes up minimal space.

Credit: Brittany Irvine

Of course, one of the best places to use the bins is at Costco itself! Because there are no bags at my local Costco, the larger items I usually purchase and throw into the trunk of the car can now be nicely “Jenga-ed” into one of these amazing collapsible bins — no bags required.

But they’re not just good for carrying groceries in and out — I got my parents hooked on them, too, and now my dad organizes his garage with a few of his own. Because they can hold up to a whopping 50 pounds each, the durability is certainly there for things like Christmas decorations, cleaning solutions, lawn-care items, car bits and bobs, and more. He also keeps one constructed in his trunk with water bottles, a first aid kit, an emergency air pump, a snow scraper, and other just-in-case necessities. They’re also perfect for excess pantry storage, under-sink organizing, and almost anywhere else in the home you need a sturdy bin.

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If you’re not able to snag these wonders from Costco, or you haven’t yet decided whether a membership is worth it, don’t worry: Amazon sells a similar set of collapsible bins for a few dollars more that do the same job. Let us know how you use them in the comments below — there’s always something to be learned! And rest assured knowing you’ll always have instant storage on hand (plus, a sturdier alternative to reusable bags).