Costco Just Dropped a New “Delicious” $10 Dinner Find That’s Flying Off Shelves (It’s So Easy to Make!)

published Jan 29, 2024
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Credit: Thomas Trompeter

Costco always has the best finds, from groceries to desserts to home goods — and we expect nothing less from our favorite bulk retailer. With so many delicious choices, it’s no wonder that many of us lean on Costco for the best comfort foods. And with Super Bowl Sunday just a couple of weeks away, it’s no surprise that the grocer is selling some unique and stellar finds you’ll definitely want on the appetizer table.

Instagram account @costcobuys recently found a tasty Garlic BBQ Chicken Bao at their local warehouse in the refrigerator section. The steamed buns are filled with antibiotic-free chicken and a garlic BBQ sauce. Plus, they come fully cooked and will be ready in minutes whether you choose to steam or microwave them.

Bao is a stuffed bun that is rooted in Chinese culture. Bao buns are made from fermented yeast dough, which gives them a bread-like texture. They are typically filled with chicken, pork, or a vegetarian alternative like mushrooms.

TikToker @floridamomof3 spotted the buns in their local Costco and gave them a rave review. The mother-daughter duo was truly at a loss for words and recommended pairing them with soy sauce. However, we would also suggest sweet chili or hoisin sauce. The comment section was also blowing up with approval from fellow Costco members who just can’t seem to get enough of the buns.

“Those are so good!!” wrote one TikToker. “These are my favorite! So delicious!!” said another user.

You can find these buns at your local Costco for $9.99 for a twin pack. They will be a perfect addition to your football spread — sandwiched right between your guacamole and your chicken wings.