Costco Fans Are Just Discovering This Food Court Copycat, and It’s Flying Off Shelves

published Jul 20, 2023
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AUSTIN, TEXAS - AUGUST 29 2017: the front of a Costco store just a minute after opening
Credit: Philip Arno Photography/Shutterstock

Costco’s food court has a strong following — and for good reason. With seasonal releases including mango smoothies, and popular returning items like the chicken Caesar salad and diced onions, the food court at the big-box retailer is certainly much more than the $1.50 hot dog and drink combo that it’s primarily known for. One other super-popular Costco food court item? The chicken bake, with its three melty cheeses, smoky bacon, and super-creamy Caesar dressing rolled into a crispy, baked bread roll. Can you say yum

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to replicate that chicken bake goodness at home, you’re in luck: Costco offers its famous food court chicken bakes in frozen form, packaged in bulk for the whole family. So run, don’t walk, to that freezer aisle.

The frozen chicken bakes are reminiscent of a large Hot Pocket, stuffed with chicken breast, rib meat, three types of cheese — mozzarella, provolone, and Parmesan — green onions, and Caesar salad dressing. Just like the food court version, the ingredients are encased in a hand-rolled crust that, when baked to a golden-brown perfection, has a beautifully crispy texture to each bite. 

Available in a six-pack box for only $14.79, the frozen chicken bakes actually turn out to be a better deal than their food court counterparts; each one comes out to just $2.46 compared to the $3.99 price point at the food court — a total steal!

Some people think that the frozen at-home chicken bakes have nothing on their fresh-from-the-oven food court counterparts, as revealed years back by a previous Costco employee. There are, however, ways to elevate the eating experience of the frozen chicken bake, according to Costco’s loyal fan base. The frozen chicken bakes can either be cooked in the oven at 350°F, tossed in an air fryer, or heated up in a toaster oven to get to crispy, melty perfection.