Here’s What a Costco Food Court Looks Like in France

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(Image credit: Michael Gordon)

It’s fascinating to see what Costco food courts serve in different countries. The facilities all look more or less the same from one Costco to another, but the food court menus vary pretty widely by location. In Canada the food courts serve poutine; in Britain the food courts serve stuffed baked potatoes and cottage pie. Even France has Costco, and the food courts there sell melty ham and cheese croissants with mustard that look positively delicious.

Over on the Costco forum on Reddit, a user going by fistibal posted a photo of a French Costco food court.

“Hello from France!” fistibal wrote.

Immediately, everyone began poring over the photo looking to see what French Costco members have that the rest of us don’t.

One of the first things people noticed is that Costco’s signature “hot dog and a drink” deal costs two euros in France. Costco often seems to charge 1.50 for the hot dog deal, whenever the local currency allows it.

The hot dog deal might be more expensive, but the French Costco still had some menu items that U.S. Costco members would like to get their hands on. In addition to the hot ham and cheese croissant, the French Costco food court also serves chicken tenders. Chicken tenders sound a lot fancier when you call them “filets de poulets croustillants,” and the French Costco serves a giant container of them with french fries (just called “frites” in France, of course) for just 4 euros, or about $4.75.

Most of the U.S.-based Reddit users seemed very jealous of France’s chicken tenders. The tenders do seem like the sort of thing that would go over very well in the U.S.

The French Costco also sells a big basket of french fries on their own for just two euros, which is also the price of a slice of pizza. The Costco pizza in France does not seem to have any special local flavors, though. Cheese and pepperoni appear to be the only available toppings at this Costco, while the Costco in Cardiff, Wales, serves barbecue chicken pizza. Rumor has it that Costco in Mexico serves a pizza al pastor that is out of this world.

Costco might not be a place we visit on vacation, but maybe it should be. I’m suddenly dying to know what the Costco food court serves in Spain.

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