Costco Food Courts Are Now Partially Reopened (but There’s a Limited Menu)

updated May 19, 2020
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You still can’t bring anyone with you to Costco Warehouse stores in certain places, nor can you buy more than three beef, pork, or poultry products anywhere. There are no samples, and you can’t return your rice or your toilet paper. But you can, if you so choose, now go back to buying yourself pizza and hot dogs at the food court, reports People.

The latest announcement from the retailer, which has been constantly updating its store policies to keep product in stock and shoppers and employees safe, is that they will now begin the process of again opening their famous and beloved prepared hot food stands in the stores. At most stores, Costco has lifted the limitation on how many people can enter the store and has returned to normal hours, although the food court will be closed during the senior shopping hours each morning at stores participating in that.

“A limited menu is available at Costco Food Courts,” the company’s website announced. And if you want condiments with your food, you have to request them. Instagrammer The Costco Connoisseur noted that there were hot dogs, whole pizzas, and even pizza by the slice available on a recent visit. So if you’re craving some churros and chicken bake, you’re probably out of luck. And if you were the type of person who loved that you could just wander into the food court without a Costco membership, that’s not going to fly anymore; although the roll-out of the new policy limiting the store’s famous hot-food counters to members only began even before pandemic-related changes came about. 

Due to various rules and recommendations around the country, the reopened food court options are available only for takeout — there will be no dining inside the store. Of course, it would be impossible to eat inside the store anyway, as masks are required for all customers while inside, and you can’t eat through a mask.