This Is What a Costco Food Court Looks Like in Tijuana, Mexico

updated Aug 29, 2019
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Credit: Trong Nguyen

For Costco fans around the world, the food court options at international outlets offer a special window into the brand’s global variations. It’s fun to compare what your hometown food court looks like to others — because they can be quite different. We’ve seen food courts in both France and England, and now thanks to Redditor Tacvbazo, we know what the Costco offerings look like in Tijuana, Mexico.

While the title of the post is all about the excitement to try the mango smoothie, the user gives a more informative rundown in the comments, noting for starters that you had to be a member to enter this location. Perhaps the most exciting food they offered wasn’t on the menu photos: an al pastor pizza with al pastor seasoned meat, purple onions, and pineapple, which the Redditor declared “pretty good.” The mango smoothie was also deemed pretty good. 

Most of the offerings tracked pretty close to the American offerings, although the hot dog comes pictured with a line of jalapeños down one side, rather than relish as they do on the U.S. menus, and the Redditor mentions there’s a jalapeño grinder too. The hot dog toppings also included mayo, which other users pointed out is pretty standard south of the border. But the chicken bake is as standard as ever — exactly the same, the world over.

Finally, there was the option for the apple strudel, which seems to be the bakery version, moved to the food court. Still, nobody will turn down a warm apple strudel.