The Best Finds at Costco Food Courts Around the World

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Costco food courts around the world are amazing. They look so similar, but their menus are actually very different. Costco in Wales has shepherd’s pie, and Costco in France serves chicken tenders and french fries, but that’s just the beginning of it. Kitchn readers have been to Costco food courts all over the world, and they’ve been reporting back with some amazing information.

Here are some things you’ll find at Costco food courts around the world, according to Kitchn readers.

“I’ve been to a Costco in London and Reykjavik Iceland,” writes the aptly named Traveler62. “They have the most wonderful chocolate and caramel sundaes and a mango smoothie that we should have. They are great. The big muffins we have for $6.99 a dozen are $17.99 in Iceland. My sister works for Costco in the states and had to take pictures in the Costco in London and Iceland to show her coworkers back here.”

“The Costcos in Canada have poutine!!” reports Slinky2711.

Costco food courts in Mexico sound particularly amazing. One commenter on Facebook got lasagna, apple strudel, and a mango smoothie! And there are even jalapeños with the condiments.

And TravelingRae says the Costco in Mérida, Mexico has an amazing pizza al pastor. “It’s a Thing down here in Yucatán. Regular pizza topped with al pastor style meat, onions (Costco uses red, which is the best!), and pineapple. My favourite pizza toppings are onion, pineapple, and sausage, so this is as close as I can get down here. Yum!”

“The Costco in Aguascalientes, Mexico serves Hawaiian pizza. I’d like to see one serve al pastor but I haven’t heard of that yet,” says Aggie98.

Costco in California even has gelato, which seems unfair to the rest of the U.S.

“Every Costco I’ve been in has chicken bake and churros. Now, gelato I’ve only seen in CA. And please, bring back the hand dipped ice cream bar!” writes Pamb456.

Bindi O has access to Costco poutine, but not the famed chicken bakes: “I’m Canadian and spend much time in Mexico where we can buy chicken bakes at the food court as well as in the freezer section. I have asked numerous times in both Alberta and BC if we could get them but they say they just weren’t popular here. What is wrong with Canadians the chicken bakes are totally scrumptious. Nice hot, fresh bread with a huge amount of chicken, cheese, and ham. Please let’s try them again. Costco please contact me if you require more information.”

In Taiwan, Costco serves bulgogi bakes instead of chicken bakes, according to, helen tsao, who actually did some investigating and reports that the Costco in Taiwan also has seafood pizza, pizza with corn, mango shaved ice, and clam chowder. And they have Costco’s signature hot dog and soda deal, but the hot dogs are made of 100 percent pork instead of beef!

Mari_Chan has seen the bulgogi bakes at Costco in Japan, too. And she’s also seen a special Hokkaido milk soft-serve, which sounds amazing. She also said she’s seen golden pineapple smoothies, but only as a seasonal item. Costco in Japan has seasonal items! That’s amazing.

On Facebook, another commenter echoed her enthusiasm of Costco Japan‘s rotating menu of seasonal specialties, and of the Hokkaido milk soft-serve with seasonal fruit toppings.

Next time I go to Japan, I am definitely putting a Costco trip on my itinerary.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in a Costco food court?