Is There Anything More Pure Than These New Costco Food Court Plush Toys for Dogs?

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Costco Dog
Credit: Courtesy of BARK

Shopping at Costco has always been as much about the experience as about what you actually buy — strolling the aisles, picking up samples, wondering if you really need multiple pounds of cheesecake in your house. But more than anything, a trip to Costco is about the food court. Those famous hot dogs, the tempting pizza, and the big drinks that somehow taste so much better in a big paper cup from the fountain than in the flats of cans at the back of the store.

Kids and adults alike love the Costco food court (and lovingly mourned its temporary loss during the pandemic), but now there’s a way to treat your canine family members to the same joy. No, the stores aren’t about to start letting Rover in the door — we’ve only just started to be able to bring our human family members with us again. Let’s not get greedy.

Credit: Courtesy of BARK

Rather, we’re going to be able to bring the Costco food court right home to our favorite fluffy friends! Starting Friday August 14, shoppers at Midwest Costco warehouses can pick up a pack of Costco food court treats for their pup. The stuffed play set for dogs comes with Fido’s own Costco card (“Good Dog Member”), along with a soda, a slice of pepperoni pizza, and a hot dog — all with eyes on them, because why not? Each of the toys has crinkle and fluff inside, and the always necessary squeaker to keep dogs as excited about your Costco trip as you are. Just picture your hot dog eating one of those famous hot dogs.

The whole package costs $15.99, and comes from the makers of BarkBox, which those who have subscribed their pups to the service already know does an awesome job going all-in on turning favorite cultural touchstones into delightful doggy toys.