Costco Now Sells This Spicy Pantry Staple — And I’m Stocking Up

published Mar 10, 2023
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Garlic Crunch Chili Chicken with broccoli and red onion
Credit: Jesse Szewczyk

The condiments, spices, and oils section is definitely one of my favorite aisles at Costco. It’s a go-to for both staples as well as little flavor-boosters — large jars of Better Than Bouillon, vanilla beans, jugs of coconut oil, and more. I was very pleasantly surprised on a recent trip when I spied a two-pack of editor-favorite Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp. I’m a fan of Fly By Jing products, and had no idea the warehouse giant stocked anything from the Asian-owned brand. 

What’s So Great About Fly By Jing Szechuan Chili Crisp?

Costco’s two-pack of Fly By Jing’s Szechuan Chili Crisp is priced at just under $20. That’s less than two for the price of one, based on Fly By Jing’s website price plus the cost of shipping. And while the food enthusiast and bargain hunter in me is excited about this find, the Asian American in me is proud. 

I live in an area heavily populated by Asian Americans and immigrants. Costco caters to that crowd with a lot of the products that it stocks. But those items tend to be well-known brands — staples that have been in kitchens for decades. It moves my heart to see a small, woman-owned brand from a younger generation taking up space on the shelf next to the old-school heavyweights. 

Credit: Meleyna Nomura

Fly By Jing’s chili crisp is of course delicious, set apart from other brands with its particular choice of ingredients. Erjingtao peppers sourced from Guizhou are the primary pepper in this spicy mix. It’s paired with the prized Tribute peppercorn. The rarest and most prized of Szechuan peppercorns, it was traditionally reserved for emperors. Thanks to Fly By Jing, it’s now available to drizzle over eggs, dumplings, pizza, or even ice cream. The two spices are accompanied by a savory mixture of fermented black beans, mushroom powder, and a slew of aromatics to round out the flavor and texture.

If the price has been holding you back from giving this chili crisp a try, this is a great opportunity to give the small business a shot. Split the pack with a friend. You may regret giving it away once you’ve tried it for yourself and understand the hype, but you can always head back to your local warehouse to stock back up again. 

Find it in stores: Fly By Jing Szechuan Chili Crisp, $19.99 for 2 (6-ounce) jars at Costco

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