Costco Is Now Selling Huge Tubs of Everything Bagel Seasoning

(Image credit: Trong Nguyen)

Who doesn’t love Costco? The prices, the free samples, the Polish hot dogs they recently nixed. Even those bulky, oversized carts make me excited to spend less money! The warehouse retailer is literally every food-lover’s dream, and we just uncovered another reason to love the place: massive tubs of everything bagel seasoning.

Tons of trendy items have been popping up at Costco lately, including watermelon water, organic açai bites, and crispy coconut rolls, but this new item blows everything else away. The internet has been raving about everything bagel spice for the last couple of years now, and when Trader Joe’s came out with their own version, everyone collectively lost it. Now the seasoning has officially been bestowed upon those who like to buy in bulk. At last!

(Image credit: @sproutedkitchen)

Sara Forte of Sprouted Kitchen recently shared the fantastic find, from the Olde Thompson brand, on her Instagram stories. “Yes! Finally the portion size we need of everything bagel seasoning,” she writes on the post.

Sara found the tubs in Capo Beach, California. “My kids, 4 and 2, are picky about vegetables, and these ‘sprinkles’ seem to help sell them,” Sara told Kitchn. “We also use a lot of squash in the fall and winter months, and this seasoning, some lemony tahini, and greens are my quick lunch go-to.”

Everything bagel seasoning is good on, well, everything. Sprinkle the magical mixture on avocado toast or eggs to really liven up your morning. Or for dinner toss it on chicken breast, fresh veggies, and roasted potatoes. A dash of it on popcorn won’t hurt anyone either, and will perfectly complement your Netflix binge. It’s a good thing that Costco now sells huge tubs of the stuff because once you start using the spice on everything, you won’t be able to stop.

Not all the same products are sold in Costcos around the country, so the seasoning might not be available in your market. If it’s not, you can always DIY.

Have you seen this at Costco?