Here’s How Much Every Costco Employee Makes

updated Jun 12, 2019
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When it comes to paying employees fair wages, Costco has a great reputation. The company claims to pay employees above the national minimum wage. And not only that, but according to employees, there are some amazing perks, like free turkeys on Thanksgiving, affordable health benefits, guaranteed hours, and even a 401(k) plan. Does Costco deserve its reputation as a well-paying company? Business Insider recently investigated the hourly wages for Costco employees from several different departments, including gas station attendants, cart collectors, and bakers, to find out the truth.

To get a general idea of the hourly wages for Costco employees, Business Insider simply looked at their self-reported pay on hiring platforms like Glassdoor. Cart collectors, for instance, reported that they earn around $12 an hour. However, keep in mind that Costco recently implemented a company-wide mandate that minimum wage begin at $15, so they should be getting a raise.

Meanwhile, gas station attendants and stockers make $13 and $14 per hour, respectively. Attendants who work at the front of the store — typically the people who check your receipt when you leave — as well as cashiers, cake decorators, and bakers, also make around $14 per hour. Again, keep in mind that these employees may soon be getting a raise to $15 per hour, given the new company policy.

Other jobs pay more: Costco’s wine store employees reported making $16 per hour, while forklift drivers said they make $20 per hour. Supervisors and managers also make more than average entry-level employees, with pay ranging from $20 to $26 per hour. The folks who make the highest wage at Costco? The store’s licensed opticians, who pull in as much as $27 per hour.

Yes, it’s true that Costco does pay above the minimum wage, which is great news for its hard-working employees. It’s a place where you can shop knowing employees are treated fairly and get the wages they deserve.