Costco’s Brilliant $18 Cooking Gadget Is a Must-Have for Every Egg-Lover

published Feb 18, 2024
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Credit: robbin lee

Costco seemingly has everything you could possibly need for your kitchen. From delicious desserts and dinner staples to the most convenient meal prep kits and living decor gems, the bulk retailer is truly a one-stop shop for all the essentials. Costco fans on Instagram are always sharing the latest and greatest items at their local warehouses, and one recent find just seems too good to be true.

Instagram account @costcobuys posted a reel highlighting the new Dash 17-Piece All-in-One Egg Cooker. The gadget cooks hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, and scrambled eggs, making 12 boiled eggs, seven poached eggs, or one omelet. Plus, the appliance includes 23 tasty deviled egg recipes for some cooking inspiration. You can also use the double decker tiers to steam vegetables or other food items.

Reviewers mentioned that while the gadget works well, it does take longer to cook eggs than on the stovetop, but this allows you to leave the room so you don’t have to egg-sit. 

“This little cooker has made my life easier,” writes one reviewer. “It does take longer to cook eggs, BUT I don’t have to babysit a stove. I put them in to cook without them taking up space on the stove and I come back to it when I’m ready to perfectly cooked eggs. I like my eggs hard, though…NO runny or soft-cooked eggs for me. I mention that because that may be important for someone concerned with them over cooking because you would need to remove them from the cooker immediately.” 

However, the gadget does have a thermal sensor to prevent overcooking if you are someone who prefers runnier eggs. The appliance also won’t take up too much space in your cabinet or on your countertop as the accessories can be stored right inside the cooker. Not to mention, they’re dishwasher-safe.

You can grab one of these from your local Costco or on their website for $18.99. If it’s sold out or unavailable, you can also shop the Dash egg cooker on Amazon — it costs slightly more and doesn’t include the piping tip accessories, but you get the convenience of online shopping and fast shipping, plus you can choose between multiple colors.

Buy: Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker, $29.99