The Costco Products Customers Would Never Buy Again, According to Reddit

updated Jul 2, 2019
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For the most part, people are obsessed with Costco. Some people buy every item needed to stock their kitchens: lobster claws, cheesecakes, even an entire bucket of mac and cheese. But even Costco, as beloved as it is, can’t get it right every time. A recent Reddit thread revealed the products that clever Costco shoppers always avoid, and you might be surprised what made the “do not buy” list. 

Most people didn’t sugarcoat their reviews, pointing out products that just don’t taste good: These Italian dessert cups got a strongly-worded veto from several people who called them “ICK” and “nasty.” Another poster warned fellow shoppers to “stay away” from the Harry’s brand beef stroganoff because it’s just “bad tasting.” And if you’re a beer aficionado, several people posted that the Kirkland beer should also be avoided. 

Some of the most vitriolic comments were aimed at the protein bars, however. One person said that bars “make me sick” after a change in the formula, and many others seemed to agree. Someone else commented that the bars are “inedible” and “chewy” and that the texture is reminiscent of “insulation.”

There were a few other products mentioned in passing, including pre-cooked pork belly slices (too salty), the prepackaged Alfredo bake, Sunrise Farms chicken wings, and the coconut snack bites, with little detail outlining why exactly each one should be avoided — so try them for yourself at your own risk. 

There was also lots of disagreement: People squabbled over the merits of Kirkland brand chocolate hazelnut spread (it doesn’t taste like Nutella, but it doesn’t necessarily taste bad either), and whether or not Kirkland Signature Nut Bars are too dry or are a good imitation of Kind bars. 

A round of applause to these generous Reddit users, who are looking out for us when it comes to our Costco shopping. Hopefully, thanks to this thread, you won’t fall victim to the products Costco just can’t seem to get right. These cheese flights on the other hand? That’s just an undeniable stroke of genius.