Costco Sells Grapes That Taste Like Cotton Candy

published Jun 15, 2018
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Cotton Candy grapes sound like something you’d find on a tour of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, or in the cereal aisle next to the Frankenberries, but we’re happy to report that they are very real. The grapes were developed by cross-breeding different types of grapes to create a variety of grape that taste extra sweet. They can be difficult to find and they tend to sell out fast, but now Costco has them in stock in several locations, and people are running to get them before they disappear.

“Like fruit-flavored candy? Try this candy-flavored fruit,” Costco announced on its Facebook page. “Organic Cotton Candy Green Seedless Grapes, available in select Costco warehouses.”

Cotton Candy grapes look just like regular green seedless grapes, but they taste sweeter. The cross-breed grape was created several years ago in an attempt to give grapes back some of their original flavor, because over the years commercial grape production has led to grapes being bred for a longer shelf-life or to be more resistant to bruising and damage during transportation, which had a side effect of making them lose a lot of their flavor.

Cotton Candy grapes are distinctly sweet, and people absolutely love them. They’re called Cotton Candy grapes, but some people say they taste more like honey than cotton candy. (Kids just love them.)

A Redditor in Pennsylvania said the cotton candy grapes were spotted in a Costco there for $9 for three pounds. If you’re not sure if you could eat three pounds of grapes, try freezing them. Frozen grapes are a fantastic and low-effort summer treat. (And if you are planning summer parties, I once went to a fancy restaurant that served frozen grapes as a palate cleanser instead of sorbet, and everyone thought it was very clever.)

Unfortunately, the Cotton Candy grapes are not available in every Costco. Costco’s Facebook page recommends calling your local Costco warehouse to see if they have them in stock. You can look up each store’s contact info here.

Would you try Cotton Candy grapes?