Costco Now Offers 3-Pound Cookie Butter Cheesecakes

published Jan 24, 2018
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(Image credit: Trong Nguyen)

In the battle of giant foods, we should always bet on Costco. Last week TJ Maxx made headlines by selling 22 pounds of chocolate in a bag big enough to wear as a poncho. When I heard about the chocolate bag I thought nobody would ever be able to top the decadent absurdity, but I should have known Costco would show up to say, “You think that’s wild? Hold my drink.”

That’s right — you can now buy a cookie butter cheesecake that weighs more than three pounds from Costco, and it only costs $7.

According to Delish, Costco’s Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake was spotted by Snack Betch, an Instagram snack sleuth.

The crust is made of crumbled Biscoff cookies, topped with a layer of New York-style cheesecake, and then spread with a layer of Biscoff-flavored cheesecake on top.

A cookie butter cheesecake sounds completely bonkers and over-the-top, but this flavor combination could really work. Biscoff are speculaas cookies, with the traditional spicy flavors of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, anise, cardamom, and pepper. So this is really a big cheesecake with spices. It sounds pretty nice.

Also, Biscoff taste wonderful with cream cheese. When I was little my mother was a Delta flight attendant, and she used to bring Biscoff packages home from work with her. I’d cover them in cream cheese and eat them all the time. Biscoff are even better with cream cheese than they are with Nutella, and a cheesecake is basically a very big, sweet cream cheese tart.

The flavors certainly sound like this cake is worth a try. Of course, it’s a Costco product, which means we can’t exactly take a taste to see if we like it, because this cheesecake weighs 3.44 pounds. That’s roughly the size of Costco’s famous pumpkin pie. This thing is truly enormous. It might be necessary to hold a cheesecake-tasting party to get through it.

The cookie butter cheesecake is only available at certain Costco locations, so you’ll have to keep an eye out. Some Twitter users have even spotted the cookie butter cheesecakes on sale.

You might want to move fast, though. That price ends in .97 and there’s an asterisk in the upper right hand corner of the label; according to Costco’s price label code, that asterisk means the item will not be restocked when it’s gone. If you see them, now is the time to stock up.

Would you try Costco’s cookie butter cheesecake?