The ‘Costco Connection’ Is the Fourth Most Popular Magazine in the United States

updated Feb 25, 2020
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Credit: Trong Nguyen

You might already head to Costco to stock up on your favorite snacks in bulk (like these keto Egg Thins!), but there’s actually another way to enjoy Costco’s best tips and products: by reading about them in their monthly magazine. In case you didn’t know, Costco has a subscription magazine, Costco Connection, and according to CNN, it’s the fourth largest magazine in the United States! The three magazines with higher distributions are two AARP magazines and Parade.

Costco has a new issue each month, and mails out the Connection to those members who signed up for the free subscription service, as part of their $120-a-year executive membership. The magazine features a bunch of things to read about the brand and its essential products, such as cooking recipes, deals and discounts off Costco’s travel and auto services, electronics and book reviews, a couple of ads for the Kirkland Signature private-label products (which are AMAZING by the way), and various content around home, health, and lifestyle. 

And it is no wonder that those who do fall into the exclusive membership category and who read this magazine happen to shop at Costco the most, as loyal and dedicated customers. Executive members make up about 40% of Costco’s complete customer base, and since they are the best customers, they are likely taking advantage of the awesome tips, discounts, and other perks found in the monthly mag. 

According to Costco, these members who do want in on the magazine shop the most throughout the year and spend the most — so sending them this free magazine with their membership is surely paying off for Costco in the long run. Plus, they are always looking to increase that exclusive membership base, since Costco gets around three-quarters of its total profit through those exclusive membership fees. 

The magazine is pretty large, with a circulation of about 14.3 million copies per edition, which is up from 12.2 million back in 2016, and Costco continues to grow its executive membership program still today. It’s all about creating a fun, entertaining way to get members involved in Costco goods, and to fasten a tighter bond between customers and the products and the brand.