Costco Churros Are Coming Back — with One Tiny Upgrade

updated Feb 24, 2021
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For Costco fans, the pandemic changed so many things about shopping at their favorite warehouse stores. The delightful sample stations disappeared, the half sheet cakes went on indefinite hiatus, and for some time, the food courts closed. When the food courts did come back, they did so with limited menus — and those menus did not include the sweet cinnamon-and-sugar-dipped fried dough delicacy of churros.

But then, around August rumors began to spread that a southern California Costco store was selling an updated version of the churro, and if that test went well, not only would churros return to Costco food courts, they’d be better than ever. Well, folks, that time is now. Instagram account @costcobuys reports that the new churros are “coming soon.” The updated version trades the traditional straight ridges for twisted grooves, giving all the cinnamon and sugar sprinkling even more places to hide. 

The only downside to the new churros is that the famously low price of just $1 does appear to have gone up to $1.49. Still, a small price to pay for some of the best fried dough on the market. Of course, if that’s too much for you, you could just go through the effort to make them at home — made even easier with this air fryer recipe. But we suspect people will quickly adapt to and accept the new price tag and enjoy the new churros, especially because part of the joy of shopping at Costco isn’t just how good the food court is or how great the products are, it’s that the company seems to truly care about both its employees and its customers. And we care back, because how could you not love a company that advertises its COVID vaccination clinic with this photo?