Costco’s Newest “Yummy” Treat Has Shoppers Buying 2 Bags At a Time

published Dec 8, 2023
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Redmond, WA, USA - May 16, 2021; Entrance to Costco Wholesale store before opening hours with no people in Redmond Washington State
Credit: Ian Dewar Photography/Shutterstock

What’s a better way to end a Mexican dinner than with churros dipped in chocolate? Indulgent and rich, they offer the perfect hint of sweetness (and maybe a bit of spice thanks to that cinnamon) after a hearty meal. Churros are also versatile, and there are many ways to fill them and dipping sauces to enjoy as an accompaniment.

But is it possible to make churros even better? With Costco’s new Chuao Chocolate Churro Bark, which sells for $9.99, it’s possible. Costco has offered churros in the past, as a mainstay of their legendary food court, known for items like very affordable pizza and giant hot dogs. Those classic churros were soft and sweet and loaded with cinnamon, and came in either classic or twisted variations. 

Costco’s new dessert isn’t exactly a churro at all, at least not in the most classic sense. The Chuao Chocolate Churro Bark is the sweet and cinnamon-y churros we all know, but they are in a crunchy bark-like form with cinnamon sugar coating and milk chocolate. Whether dipped in hot cocoa or a latte, it’s going to be a delicious holiday season dessert, or a good snack any time of day.

Chocolate bark and churros are both such popular desserts, so it seems to make perfect sense to combine them into one delicious treat. At a time of holiday excess, streamlining two things that we enjoy into one even better snack sounds like a winning idea.