These Low-Carb Tortillas from Costco Are Made of Cheese

updated May 24, 2019
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Everything old is new again, and never is that more true as when diet trends take over the grocery store — and we’re not talking just the Paleo diet here. Best Products reports that Costco has started selling what they call a “tortilla alternative”: cheese wraps.

Anyone who has spent any time in Italy or Mexico will quickly correct you: these are frico, or chicharrones de queso: basically just cheese that you can crisp up into whatever shape you want. It’s a pretty simple thing to make at home — just griddle or bake a pile of grated cheese — but the Folios cheese wraps come pre-pressed in packages of four to 10. They make great substitutes for tortillas, wraps, or even crackers to make little canapes.

Folios come in cheddar, Jarlsberg, and Parmesan flavors, and each one contains pretty much only the cheese — and no lactose, gluten, or other additives. For anyone looking for a low-carb alternative, this is a great option.

How to Make Your Own Frico at Home

Again, you can make these yourself in a matter of minutes — just grate and bake at 375˚F for about ten minutes, ideally on a Silpat or heat in a non-stick skillet, then let it cool. They also make excellent snacks on their own, a product which has already been on the market in pre-made form for years.

The Folios website has a bunch of other ideas on how you can use them, too, including as a risotto bowl, cannelloni wrap, and even a jam pancake dessert (??!!). But honestly, if you’re not buying them solely for the carb-free aspect, the best way to eat them is to take a hint from Mexico and eat them in combination with the taco, with the cheese crisped up and nestled in between the meat and the tortilla.