Costco’s New Cheese Flight Sounds Like the Best Snack on the Planet

updated Jun 24, 2019
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Credit: Helen89 / Shutterstock

There’s always a good reason to eat cheese. It’s the best snack — plain, on crackers, with a glass of wine or alongside a slice of salami. The cheese plate itself is a revered culinary delicacy, usually reserved for special occasions, but Costco wants to change that. The big-box store is now selling a prepackaged cheese “flight” — a small sample platter of its most delicious cheeses — and honestly, it sounds better than a flight of beer.

Costco’s cheese flight costs $19.99 and comes with the following cheeses: cheddar, goat, manchego, Fontina, and alpine. The package even lists the perfect wine pairings to go with each cheese. Whether you plan to share with friends (maybe at a spontaneous amateur wine-tasting at the park?) or want to keep it all to yourself (and who could really blame you?), this convenient little package will get you your cheese fix easily and, this is crucial, quickly.  

There’s another upside to Costco’s cheese flight: Usually, when you’re putting together an appetizer for a romantic evening or a dinner party, you have to pick out the cheese yourself. That method might be preferable to some people who know exactly what they’re looking for in a cheese, but what if you’re just beginning to learn about cheese? Or if you’re hosting a last-minute party and need to get easy-to-assemble snacks on the table? Then you’ll probably be happy to stumble upon the Costco cheese flight on your next grocery run.

I’m sure some people might be skeptical of Costco’s latest offering. Isn’t fresh cheese best? you might be thinking. Sure, maybe creating your own custom cheese plate is ideal, but sometimes when you’re in the mood to snack, it’s okay to be lazy too. Cheese, after all, doesn’t have to be fancy to taste good and you don’t need to be an expert cheese connoisseur to enjoy it. So try to look past the plastic packaging, and remember that cheese is meant to be loved, not judged.