The “Delicious” $8 Costco Brunch Find That You’ll Use Every Weekend (It’s Flying Off Shelves!)

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Bottoms up! Costco is not only known for selling high-quality food and home essentials in bulk at cheap prices, but it is also well-known for having a wide selection of beverages to choose from, particularly of the alcoholic variety. The warehouse is actually crowned the largest wine retailer in the world; they sell more than $1 billion in wine annually. So of course, when Costco highlights one of their wine products on shelves, we can’t help but take notice like their recent post about the beloved bottled mimosa.

Sure, a mimosa cocktail is easy to put together — orange juice and champagne in a glass, maybe add in some fresh fruit if you’re feeling festive. But why go through the effort of making the drink if Costco has a prepared bottled mimosa ready to go, and at such a low price?

The Kirkland Signature Mimosa is priced at a shockingly low $7.99, bottled in the typical 750-milliliter glass with a cork. The mimosa is made with real Sicilian blood oranges and Italian sparkling wine, and is marked as 6% ABV. While the serving size is technically three, you could split this bottle between four of you and enjoy your favorite brunch cocktail for less than $2 a serving. What a steal!

Loyal Costco customers, of course, love this bottled mimosa find. “Take all my money,” writes one shopper. “I think we owe it to ourselves to try this in the name of research,” writes another, tagging a friend to let them know about their new favorite Costco find.

On the other hand, some Costco shoppers are saying that the ratio between orange juice and sparkling wine isn’t up to their personal preferences. For those who love a mimosa that is heavy on the orange juice and light on the wine, this might be your beverage. For others who enjoy their mimosa on the boozier side, you may find yourself wanting to top off your glass with a little extra Italian sparkling wine as well.