This Hack Will Save You Big Bucks When Shopping for Black Friday Deals at Costco

published Oct 12, 2022
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Costco storefront.
Credit: Juan Llauro/Shutterstock

We’ve all done it — glazed over the tiny fine print at the end of our purchase receipts. But maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe we’re missing some important information tucked somewhere in that blurry gray space. If reading the fine print isn’t quite your thing, however, luckily attorney and personal finance expert Erika Kullberg is here to do it for us. And thanks to her diligence, she’s discovered a hack for savings that will ensure your favorite items don’t sell out from underneath you during Black Friday at Costco

Kullberg shared this secret hack with her 9 million TikTok followers that gains you early access to Black Friday deals: Avoid the crowds and buy your desired item online ahead of the big shopping day. While that doesn’t quite sound like the life-changing hack you thought it would be, the next thing she revealed kind of is.

According to Erika, Costco’s fine print notes that if you purchase an item online and it goes on sale within 30 days, you can still grab that lower price. Once your item goes on sale (here’s looking at you, Black Friday!), just go onto the big-box retail store’s website and fill out the quick online form. Once you submit it, they will issue you a store credit for the difference in price.

As the Costco site notes, however, not every product is eligible for the price adjustment that Erika mentions in her video. So before you submit for your price adjustment, you’ll want to be sure that you read the customer service page carefully. Nevertheless, this is one hack that you’ll be happy you found out about if you weren’t already privy to it. Let’s hear it for no more Black Friday sell-outs!

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