The Best Things to Get from Costco for a Party, According to Our Readers

updated May 1, 2019
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Fact: I actually have a photo album on my cell phone full of pictures of Costco products that would be great for a party. I snap pics so I don’t forget to buy them the next time I’m having people over. I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting fun party finds, but I was curious to get your suggestions. So, we asked readers on Facebook to name their favorite party treats from Costco.

Keep reading to see what people said, and add a few to your own list.

1. Appetizers

When it comes to little nibbles for a crowd, Costco has tons of options — either in the freezer section, the snack aisle, or the refrigerated cases.

“Hummus, pretzel crackers, salmon dip, smoked salmon, and mixed nuts.”

“Phillips Crab cakes, multigrain tortilla chips, hummus, charcuterie, and fresh fruit.”

“A bunch of ham, varieties of oh-la-la cheeses, and bags of extra jumbo shrimp.”

“Spinach artichoke dip.”

“A Big can of nacho cheese and big bags of chips.”

“Charcuterie and cheese.”

“Avocados for guacamole.”

‘The Mediterranean olives, spinach dip, some wraps, shrimp cocktail, and chicken wings.”

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2. Entrees

If you want to make or serve something a little more substantial, Costco still has plenty of options.

“Rotisserie chicken for taquitos.”

“A big bunch of prawns and those sandwich platters.”

“Their garlic wings are delish.”

“Deli items like the chicken and Swiss rolls are amazing!”

“Aidells Chicken Meatballs (teriyaki & pineapple).”

3. Sweets

Because you’ve gotta have dessert!

“You can’t go wrong with Costco birthday cake!”

“I got the huge cheesecake and then the even-more-huge chocolate triple layer cake covered with shaved chocolate. Both were big hits and fed a crew.”

4. Beverages

You’ve probably already heard that the Kirkland brand vodka is top-notch (and we’ll have more on that later, for sure!). Beyond that, there’s some other drink options that you can get great deals on.


“The Kirkland margaritas!”

“Cans of soda and varieties of juices.”

“Honest juice boxes and LaCroix.”

5. Paper goods

You’re gonna need stuff to help with the serving and sending guests home with leftovers!

“Plates, napkins, and tissues of every kind.”

“Supplies such as paper plates, foil, shrink wrap, etc.”

“Disposable cups (for the booze I buy there)!”

Got anything to add? What other snacks, drinks, or supplies do you buy from Costco when you’re throwing a party?