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6 Costco Snacks I’m Stocking Up on for Back-to-School Season

updated Aug 20, 2020
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Like so many others, my family is preparing for the start of virtual schooling this fall. Because everyone will still be stuck at home (like we have been for five+ months), I know without a doubt that my hungry kiddos will be searching the cabinets for snacks even more than usual. As a plant-based family, it’s important to us that we are nibbling on healthy, vegan snacks throughout the school days, but our options are a bit limited.

We do a bulk of our shopping (pun intended) at Costco. As it turns out, in recent months, Costco has become one the nation’s leading vegan food retailers, so it works for us. We make one trip there per month and make sure to stock up while we’re there.

Here are some of our favorite vegan snacks from the warehouse store that we will heavily rely on during the upcoming school year.

Credit: Tonya Abari

1. Hippeas, $6.99 for 10 ounces

Made from protein-packed chickpeas, this crunchy snack is a huge hit in our house. Reminiscent of white cheddar cheese doodles, these are perfect paired alongside a sandwich or even just by the handful between Zoom calls.

Credit: Tonya Abari

2. Avocados, $6.99 for six

You might not think of avocados as a snack food, but in our house they most certainly are. My kids love to pop them open and eat them as is with a spoon, and because they’re packed with folates, fiber, and healthy fats, I’m on board.

Credit: Tonya Abari

3. Organic, Dried Tart Cherries, $8.99 for one pound

After a long day of schooling, there’s no better snack than a few tart cherries. In addition to packing tons of nutrients, cherries also naturally aid in a good night’s rest, which is great for the next school day ahead.

Credit: Tonya Abari

4. Heavenly Hunks Oatmeal and Dark Chocolate Cookie Bars, $9.99 for 22 ounces 

These vegan, gluten-free granola cookies are as scrumptious as they sound. The serving size is one block, which is more than enough to get the kiddos’ minds off of growling bellies and back to work.

Credit: Tonya Abari

5. Roasted Seaweed, $8.99 for 10 packages

My daughter loves to snack on roasted, salted seaweed. (I wish I was like her when I was a kid!) Not only is seaweed filled with vitamins and minerals, but it’s also an environmentally sustainable snack.

Credit: Tonya Abari

6. Crunchy Rice Rollers, $8.99 for 16

This crispy brown rice snack comes in an easy grab-and-go package, which allows for the kids to carry the snack around the house or to take them outside. I love that it’s only made of a few ingredients too.

What other snacks are you buying at Costco to prepare for the upcoming virtual school year?