A New Apple That’s Being Released This Fall Is Basically the iPhone of Fruit

updated Jul 22, 2019
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Credit: New Africa / Shutterstock

Starting this fall, a new apple will be available at grocery stores around the country and it’s going to be a very big deal. The apple is called the Cosmic Crisp and it’s already being hailed as the most delicious, best-textured apple to come onto the market. One former fruit-industry journalist even compared the enormity of the launch to that of a new iPhone.

The apple is a cross between the relatively new Honeycrisp and an apple called the Enterprise. Now, 22 years after the apple was developed (it turns out you can’t hurry trees) it will finally make its way to market in a big way.

The Cosmic Crisp has dark red skin, dense and creamy white flesh, and “a bit more sweet than zing,” describes author Brooke Jarvis in The California Sunday Magazine. Experts have also noted how the high acidity would keep it flavorful throughout the storage season — meaning even by spring, it would remain deeply juicy and sweet. These attributes make dollar signs show up in apple growers’ eyes like cartoon characters: not only will it be loved by people who eat it, it will stay sellable all year round. 

As you might imagine, apple growers and marketers have invested enormously in the launch of the apple whose name we will all soon now — and, they hope, love, in the way that people previously have the Honeycrisp apple or Sumo orange. I don’t know about you, but I personally can’t wait until fall.

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