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Cosmic Brownie Cookies Are the Sweet Upgrade to Your Favorite Nostalgic Treat

published Mar 5, 2023
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I Tried It Cosmic Brownies
Credit: Taylor Kocher

I have fond childhood memories of eating Little Debbie snack cakes. I will forever have the experience of my 10-year-old self opening my lunch box to discover not one, but two Zebra Cakes inside for lunch. And even now as an adult I still find myself picking up a single wrapped cake, only to discover that the flavor has literally never changed. 

Whether you prefer Zebra Cakes, Swiss Rolls, Cosmic Brownies, Oatmeal Creme Pies, or Honey Buns, the excitement of breaking open your favorite snack from the brand will forever go unmatched. Which is why I was so excited to see a recipe from Eloise Head (aka @Fitwaffle) on Instagram.

In her recent post, the content creator was seen showing off a decadent-looking homemade Cosmic Brownie cookie recipe, and I knew immediately that I needed to try these extremely fudgy treats out for myself. Somehow I’d never thought to recreate the classics at home, but now with this recipe the flame has been lit and my oven is ready. 

In a more detailed post, Eloise goes on to claim that if you love chocolate, then these cookies are just for you. Their fudgy consistency mixed with dark chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles is an absolute cosmic experience that you will never forget. Requiring only a very short list of ingredients, this recipe makes nine cookies total and only takes about 10 to 11 minutes to bake. Be sure not to overbake them, as it is imperative to the overall finished product that these cookies are underbaked in the middle to ensure maximum taste satisfaction.  

If the prospect of baking these cosmic treats at home has got your mind spinning, then make sure to also check out this cookie baked oatmeal recipe, which comes together with minimal effort but packs a big taste punch.