There Is a Correct Way to Store Glasses in Your Cabinet, According to Experts  – And the Answer May Surprise You

published Mar 29, 2023
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You know we love talking about storage and organization tricks here at Kitchn. There are so many aspects of our everyday lives that we may not think about, and sometimes, these small tips can go a long way. Whether it’s a simple trick to get the most out of your sponge or an easy way to unravel aluminum foil, we love learning about ways to better our kitchen space. 

Recently, Southern Living’s editorial producer, Ivy Odom, shared on the outlet’s TikTok account one highly debated kitchen storage question that has haunted us all: should we be storing our glasses up or down in the cabinets?  

To start, Odom makes a good point – most often, we learn all of our kitchen habits growing up from our family or even our friends. “It can depend on how you saw it done growing up or maybe it’s just something you’ve done your entire life.” When you get a little older though, it can be surprising when we’re forced to take a step back and reassess whether these habits are the correct ways to do things at home. So, what’s the answer to the age-old question? The answer just may surprise you.

According to experts, you should actually be storing your glassware facing right side up in your cabinets. “The reason being that glassware is always heavier on the bottom,” says Odom. She goes on to explain that if you store the glasses upside down with the heavier part being on top, it can weaken the top of the glass — which is more fragile — making it more prone to chips or cracks. 

Now, some of us might be storing our glasses upside down because we worry about dust collecting at the bottom of our glasses. And to be honest, I’ve definitely been guilty of this. If that happens to be you, there’s some insight there too. “The truth is, you’re probably using your glassware often enough that it’s not a problem,” Odom shares in the video.

Now when I think about it, I use my glasses often enough that they’re regularly washed anyway. So I’ll definitely be storing my glasses right side up from now on. Leave it to TikTok to teach you something new every time you open the app!

How do you store your glasses? Let us know in the comments.