Reddit Users Just Revealed 5 Smart Ways They Make the Most of Their Corner Cabinets

updated Sep 4, 2019
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Almost every kitchen has one and almost every home cook loves to complain about it: We’re talking about the oh-so-impractical corner cabinet. For the most part, the corner cabinet tends to be a black hole, where small appliances and gadgets go to live out the rest of their lives — untouched. Or, it’s just a totally empty waste of space because you know that the stuff that goes in there is impossible to get out.

We’ve written about some smart ways to make the most of kitchen corners (see: 3 Smart Ways to Make the Most of Kitchen Corners), and the topic got a lot of people talking on Reddit the other day. Users started posting videos to highlight their brilliant corner cabinet setups and, holy lazy Susan, were these setups impressive!

Keep reading to check them out.

These shelves are kind of shaped like a wonky half lazy Susan. Or more like a kidney. They’re big enough to hold at least three stacks of pots and pans, and they pull out of the cabinet entirely for easy access.

We didn’t even know this sort of option existed! First, you open the cabinet door and pull shelves straight out. Then you move those shelves over to reveal more shelves from the back of the cabinet — and those also pull all the way out. Wacky, right?

Okay, so this is basically a lazy Susan, but instead of that two-paneled cabinet door that opens all awkwardly, this version has the cabinet doors attached to the spinning shelves. And this way, the shelves protrude beyond the cabinet when you’re turning them and it’s much easier to find that bottle of tamari that you know is in there … somewhere.

Instead of shelves, this Redditor has three angled drawers that pull out (you know, the way drawers do!). They’re perfectly shaped and look just like a standard corner cabinet. But then they’re not!

This solution practically opens itself. Pull the door forward and then to the side and a bonus set of shelves automatically moves up into position.

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