7 Kitchen Cabinet Organizers That’ll Tidy Your Corner Cabinets

updated May 29, 2024
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Corner cabinets are the worst kinds of cabinets. Not because there is anything wrong with corners (every kitchen has them). But because we’re talking about upper or lower cabinets, these corner cubbies are the most difficult to organize and even harder to keep looking neat and tidy. They’re dark, hard to access, and they usually harbor too much wasted space because you’re hesitant to keep things there that you want to use often. (Or you do actually use the space, but you fill it with who knows what and you never go in there.)

The Best Corner Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

There hasn’t been much innovation in these spaces, save for those brilliant custom-made diagonal drawers, but there are a few tried-and-true organizers that we stand by. Let’s take a look at our favorite options for upgrading corner cabinets — you might be surprised to find the solution that’s perfect for your kitchen.

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Rev-a-Shelf is one of the top names in the cabinet organizer business and we’ve yet to be disappointed by one of the brand’s products. This lazy Susan isn’t super heavy-duty — it can only hold about 20 pounds per shelf — so it’s best if you want to use your space as a makeshift pantry versus, say, a cabinet for cast-iron cookware. It mounts to the top and bottom of the cabinet, so installation is fairly easy.

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If you have a blind corner cabinet (that’s what it’s called when half the shelves are inaccessible because they’re hidden behind the cabinets along the other wall), you’ll really want to call in some specialized help. This organizer works on left and right blind corners and turns those hard-to-reach areas into a series of drawers that pull out completely, so that you can see exactly what you’ve got stored back there.

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Here’s another option for your blind corner (which is way more common than you might think). Luckily, this one is way less complicated than the one above. Instead of an intricate drawer system, it’s just two tiers that pull straight out. This one works for blind right cabinets, but they also makes the same thing for blind lefts.

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Here’s a bit of a controversial statement: We don’t believe in corner-shaped organizers for your upper cabinet. Because while they fit snuggly in a corner, they leave a lot of wasted space on the rest of the shelf. Instead, go with an expandable option — such as this spice rack — that can span the width of the cabinet.

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It’s no secret that we love a good lazy Susan. Part of their appeal is how well they work for corner cabinets, too. Tuck one like this two-tier model in the corner and that dead zone becomes easy to reach with just a flick of the wrist. Plus, non-slip mats on the bottom keep pantry items in place.

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The four hefty aluminum baskets inside this Blind Corner Cabinet Pull Out Organizer are perfect for storing pots, pans, plates, and more. Its adjustable height and ability to swing left or right make it an excellent fit for your kitchen corner cabinet. And considering how costly corner cabinet organizers can be, this one isn't too bad!

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This lazy Susan organizer is an excellent use of your corner cabinet space. It gives you a place to hang all of your pots and pans and easily access them! Spin it, and you'll have unlimited access to your cookware.