How To Make Moist Cornbread (Plus Six Ways To Eat It)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cornbread is a great way to utilize pantry staples and requires very little effort to make. The only trick to cornbread is that it has to be amazing every time, for as we all know, dry cornbread is the worst! To keep your cornbread ultra moist and delicious try out our simple tip and check out 6 ways to serve it up!

Dry cornbread is one of the worst things to put in your mouth (minds out of the gutter please!) and 75% of the recipes we’ve tried in the past leave us wanting something with a higher moisture content. To guarantee your pan of golden-yellow deliciousness turns out perfect every time, simply substitute the liquid ingredients (typically milk) with creamed corn. We usually use 1 can of creamed corn for every cup of liquid called for. If you’re feeling extra frisky, add half a can of niblet corn (or frozen) in as well.

You don’t need to adjust any other ingredients or ratios, just make the switch-aroo and your mouth will thank you for it!