The Perfect Tool for De-Silking Corn Exists — And It’s Probably Already in Your Kitchen

updated Aug 20, 2019
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

I am, what you would call, an Overzealous Corn Buyer. If we have eight people coming for a cookout, I’ll buy at least 12 ears. (“What if someone wants more than one!” I ask my husband every time. To which he always replies, “No one will.” And he’s always right. But then, at least I have leftovers to eat later or turn into a salad.) So I buy a lot of corn and then I spend a lot of time shucking said corn. Because I’m also an Overzealous Corn Shucker. I won’t sign off on an ear until every single piece of silk has been removed. No one wants that stuff stuck in their teeth!

While there are plenty of de-silking tools out there (like this cute brush from Chef’n), I’ve found that the best tool, the tool that really cuts down on the amount of time shucking, is really something most of us already have at home: a rubber dish glove.

I’ve started wearing one glove (on my dominate hand) when I shuck corn. I peel off the husks with my non-gloved hand and then rub the gloved hand up and down the corn. The rubber grabs onto the little pieces of silk and pulls them right off. It goes so much faster than I used to be able to do it without a glove, and I didn’t have to buy any sort of specialty tool.

If you’re wondering, yes, the glove gets pretty silky by the time I’m done. But I can just bang it against the side of my porch a bit and most of the silk comes right off. The rest gets washed away under the sink (and caught in my sink strainer!).

Also, while I have you, I made Kitchn’s Hot Honey Butter Bath Corn for the first time the other weekend and it is a must-try recipe. That is all.

Do you have any smart tips for shucking corn? Leave them in the comments below!