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I Tried the Internet’s Most Popular Copycat Recipe of Domino’s Garlic Bread

updated Jan 27, 2021
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Stylist: Jesse Szewczyk

Domino’s delivery is the takeout order of choice for many families across America — mine included. When I was growing up, we regularly ordered Domino’s on Friday nights, and every once in a while my mom would throw in an order of garlic bread as a special treat. This inevitably led to a sibling argument as we tried to divvy up the bread, and, as the baby of the family, I almost always got the short end of the stick.

Much to my dismay, Domino’s has since replaced their classic garlic bread with Garlic Bread Twists, so in my quest for the ultimate garlic bread recipe, I knew I had to pay homage to the original with a copycat version. While there were several options to choose from, Nagi’s version, on her blog RecipeTin Eats, looked to be the most popular — it has a five-star rating and more than 100 comments. Here’s how it went when I tried it out at home.

Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Stylist: Jesse Szewczyk

How to Make Nagi’s Better-than-Domino’s Garlic Bread

You’ll start by slicing the baguette in half, then cut each half almost all the way through into slices (they should still be attached at the bottom). Next, mix softened unsalted butter with minced garlic, finely chopped parsley, and salt. Spread some of the garlic butter over the cut side of the bread, then spread the rest over the top and inside each of the slices you made. Wrap each half in aluminum foil and bake for about 15 minutes, or until the crust is crispy.

Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Stylist: Jesse Szewczyk

My Honest Review of Nagi’s Better-than-Domino’s Garlic Bread

Nagi’s bread has great flavor: It’s super buttery and the garlic taste shines through. That being said, I didn’t love her choice of bread. The baguette is just so different in texture than the bread they used at Domino’s, which I believe was made from homemade dough that was shaped into wide, flat loaves and sprinkled with cornmeal. Plus, because it was wrapped in foil and doused in garlic butter, my loaf didn’t really crisp up on the outside. I ended up removing the foil and letting it bake a little longer to get that slightly crunchy exterior (a fix Nagi had recommended to a commenter who had the same problem).  

Although the individual slices made the bread easy to serve (and is reminiscent of how Domino’s sliced theirs), it is a time-consuming step. I honestly think this bread would have tasted just as good if the whole baguette was simply split in half and the garlic butter was smeared inside. Overall, this is good-tasting garlic bread, but I just don’t think it lives up to Domino’s.

Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Stylist: Jesse Szewczyk

If You’re Making Nagi’s Better-than-Domino’s Garlic Bread, a Few Tips

  1. Bake uncovered for the last 5 minutes. Using foil prevents the bread from becoming too crunchy, but you still want some crispiness. I recommend baking the bread wrapped for the first 10 minutes, then unwrapping for the final five.
  2. Test out different loaves of bread. Dominos’ classic garlic bread was wide and relatively flat, whereas baguettes don’t have very much width at all. I would play around and find a loaf that more resembles the Domino’s style (you could even make your own).

Rating: 7/10

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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Stylist: Jesse Szewczyk