Coping with Dull Knives on Vacation: A Few Tips

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

So you’ve finally arrived on vacation and it’s everything you needed and more. But what’s that? You’ve discovered a cheap set of dull knives? Don’t let it drive you to abandon all culinary hope! Read on for cooking tips with less than perfect tools.

Cooking with a set of dull knives can be unexpectedly frustrating. Vegetables you normally chop in seconds turn out uneven and squashed, and forget about slicing tomatoes or fruit. Try these tips before pulling out the delivery menus:

  • Seek out a serrated knife: While serrated knives are great for cutting crusty bread, they also can take the place of a sharp knife (or save the day from a dull one) when slicing delicate vegetables and fruit such as tomatoes. Even a serrated steak knife will work wonders over a dull kitchen knife.
  • Look for a local knife sharpener: Search online for a local knife sharpener or call a store that sells knives and ask their advice. Some local hardware stores may also provide knife sharpening services so ask around.
  • Use a grater or peeler instead: If you can locate a decent box grater, try grating vegetables and fruits instead of chopping. Peel fresh asparagus, carrots, and cucumbers into thin ribbons, too!