If You’re Not Using This Space-Saving $18 Organizer to Store Tumblers and Water Bottles, You’re Doing It All Wrong

published Jan 31, 2024
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Kitchen cabinet with mugs and glasses
Credit: Os Tartarouchos/Getty Images

I’ve accumulated quite a few water bottles and tumblers over the years. Of course, I owned a ton while playing sports growing up, but it really picked up in college, when my school seemed to hand out them like candy. During my first semester alone, I collected five. Granted, I still use many of them, whether I’m going to the gym or keeping one on my desk at the office. Some serve different purposes: My Owala tumbler has been my favorite as of late for staying hydrated, but I still love bringing my Stanley IceFlow with me when I’m running around all day, and OXO’s version has been my go-to for my morning coffee as of late.

But when I moved into an apartment with two other girls who had their own cup collections, I realized our cabinets weren’t going to cut it. The shelves aren’t spaced out enough to fit the taller containers — so they sit out on the counter instead — and even the ones we could squeeze in are hard to reach if they’re behind all of the others. If you’re dealing with a similar problem, I have an $18 find from QVC that you’re going to want to check out ASAP: Copco’s two-tier cabinet shelf organizer.

What is the Copco 2-Tier Adjustable Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Organizer?

We’re already fans of Copco — SEO editor Sarah got her cabinets in order with the brand’s $15 turntable — so it comes as no surprise to us that they’re offering yet another must-have organizer. This budget-friendly offering is the solution for all of those cups that are completely taking over your shelves. The two-tier design makes the most of vertical space, and depending on the size of your containers, you can likely squeeze anywhere from six to eight containers on it at a time.

It’s expandable, so it’ll definitely accommodate however many containers you have or how large your cabinet is. Also, technically, the shelves can bear up to 54 pounds. Though your cups probably won’t weigh anywhere near that much, it’s nice to know it’ll hold up. Further, the slots on the plastic surface guarantee that nothing will slide out of place or fall over, which is especially ideal for tumblers that you want to keep from getting scratched. Last but not least: You can even pop it into the freezer when you want to keep beverages extra cold.

Credit: QVC

Trust me, $18 is a total steal for how drastically it’ll transform your cup cabinet. What’s more, starting tomorrow and if you add a few more items to your order, you can apply the code FEBRUARY15 to get $15 off your purchase of $35 or more. If that’s not a sign to add this organizer to your cart, I don’t know what is!

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