The Kitchen Organizer We’re Obsessed With (Like, Seriously Obsessed with) Is On Sale — And That Never Happens

updated Sep 26, 2020
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When you’ve got a teensy kitchen, every square inch of storage space is valuable real estate. But, we all know a cabinet packed full of spices can make finding that elusive jar of nutmeg feel like a frustrating scavenger hunt. That’s why every kitchen needs a classic turntable, and if you’re going to pick one, the Copco Turntable, one of our favorite pantry organizers ever, is a great choice. It’s simple yet well designed and has already saved thousands of cluttered cabinets, according to its seriously strong fan base on Amazon (we’re talking a solid 4.7-star rating strong!). And right now, you can save 22 percent off a set of two during Amazon’s Big Fall Sale event.

While the Copco turntables pack in all the pros of a great kitchen storage solution, they’re also popular for their compact size. We and pretty much every happy customer found that they fit perfectly in standard kitchen cabinets, and even in those smaller, oddly shaped corner cabinets that are incredibly hard to organize. When it comes to stacking things, they’re definitely most useful for areas where you have lots of tiny jars to store and regularly sift through, but some reviewers also bought multiple sets and have used them for larger things like canned goods and baking supplies.

“Now I don’t have to dig to the back to find something,” says one reviewer. “I can just spin for it!” Another pleased reviewer adds: “I know this has made me a better cook because I finally know where things are and everything looks organized.”

We love that the surface of the Copco turntable is non-skid and has a rimmed edge so jars won’t slide around or topple over as you move it. And we’re not alone: “Spins well and no-slip,” confirms one reviewer, while others also noted that it’s easy to keep clean since the non-skid surface is molded to the base so there’s nothing you need to take apart — just wipe the whole thing with a damp cloth.

Besides using them in kitchen cabinets and the pantry, we like them for keeping the fridge in order. They could easily wrangle an out-of-control condiment collection, or could simply help you reach anything you store in the very back of your shelves. Yes, jar of mayo from 2010, we’re looking at you! And if you’re one of those lucky few who has massive cabinets or dreamy countertop space, Copco also makes a larger 12-inch version (also on sale!).

So when it comes to cutting down on clutter and maximizing storage space, you can’t go wrong with the Copco Turntables. And for just $12.72 for a set of two, they’re definitely worth bringing home for a spin!