The $20 Find That Will Instantly Declutter and Create Extra Space in Any Area of Your Home

published Oct 12, 2023
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Sunny white kitchen with butcher block countertops and open shelving in newly renovated kitchen.

One of the most dreadful parts of organizing is knowing that you’ll likely have to reorganize a given space in a matter of months, if not weeks. This is true regardless of whether you’re folding sweaters, straightening out your makeup collection, or rearranging your spice jars. The sad truth is, as long as you use a certain set of items, they’ll always be in some state of disarray. Still, there are products you can invest in to help cut down on the clutter. One of our favorite examples is the turntable. These come in so many shapes, designs, and configurations, so you have to do a bit of digging to find one that’ll fit in your space. But if you head to QVC, you’ll find the Copco two-tier turntable, which is perfect for any number of tight areas around the kitchen and the rest of your home. The best part is, it comes in a set of two and is currently on sale for just $20!

What Are the Copco Two-Tier Turntables?

As their name suggests, these cabinet must-haves are turntables that boast not one, but two roomy tiers for all your kitchen storage needs. Each tier has a 12-inch diameter, and the base tier measures 7.5 inches tall. We recommend storing heavier items underneath, including jarred and bottled goods. On top, you have unlimited vertical space, so you can place taller items, such as bags of flour or sugar, without worrying that they’ll come up against a higher tier (cabinet ceilings not included). In any case, you’re practically doubling the available surface area you have to work with! Although the nonslip turntables are made of plastic, they’re by no means flimsy or low-quality. They spin smoothly without a hitch and remain in place without sliding. Additionally, they’re fridge- and freezer-safe, so you can really place them just about anywhere.


Why You’ll Love the Copco Two-Tier Turntables

Why are we so confident you’ll enjoy this product? Well, we’re actually fans of the Copco turntables, ourselves. Contributor Jen owns eight turntables, herself, and shared that these two-tiered finds make wonderful spice racks. “Like many home chefs, I started with the purchase of a Lazy Susan-style spice rack,” she wrote. “It contains two levels, perfect for stacking and storing all my herbs and spices in plain sight. Upon getting it, though, I realized the concept could work to store many other tools and ingredients in my cabinets.”

Indeed, you can use the Copco turntables for just about any storage purpose, not limited to the kitchen. Use them to hold skincare on your vanity, office supplies on your desk, or cleaning products under the sink. Even if they’re slightly out of the way, their rotating design means you’re less likely to knock things over in an effort to grab what you need. Now that the set of two is going for just $20, you likely don’t have too much time left to snag these for such a good deal. We have a feeling if you hesitate, you might regret it.

Buy: Copco Two-Tier Nonslip Turntables, Set of 2, $19.99 (normally $30)