One of Our Absolute Favorite Kitchen Organizers Is the Secret To Clutter-Free Cabinets (Bonus: It’s on Sale!)

updated Mar 25, 2021
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Credit: Mandy Holesh

Most of us don’t even have an inch to spare when it comes to storage in the kitchen. And yet who isn’t guilty of having a shelf or a cabinet (or two) of spices in a pile, dry goods hopelessly stacked together, or condiments thrown in a jumble? Enter Copco’s Turntables, the simple — and affordable — organizing solution of our dreams that will easily tackle just about any corner of clutter. The 11,000 five-star rave reviews on Amazon prove we’re not alone in our love for it. Best of all, it’s on sale right now, for just under $8.

Here’s what makes the Copco Turntable so magical: It’s essentially a lazy Susan with a modern makeover. That means you won’t be shining your flashlight into the dark corner of the cabinet searching for that bottle — you can just give it a twirl instead and bring it right to the front. The non-skid surface means items won’t fall off when you take it for a spin, while the outer rimmed edge keeps everything in place. And since it’s made from polypropylene, it’s super sturdy and a cinch to clean. It’ll definitely bring you one step closer to your organizing goals.

Another major perk? Unlike many similar spinning organizers, the Copco Turntable measures just 1.5 x 12 inches in diameter, which means it’s petite enough to fit into most standard cabinets. (It comes in several other sizes, too.) That means, in addition to cabinets and counters, you can even use it to tidy up inside your fridge. Plus, you might be able to squeeze it into corners and oddly-shaped cabinets that tend to turn into black holes. (We all have a few of those!)

Here at Kitchn, we’ve named the Copco Turntable one of our favorite small-space organizers on a budget. “It’s no secret how much we love a lazy Susan around here,” says Lifestyle Director, Lisa. “With one of these in a tiny cabinet, you’ll always be able to see what you’ve got.”

Delightfully versatile, our editors have shared their favorite ways to use the Copco Turntable. For example, it’s great to corral all the odds and ends on your counter, keep condiments together in the fridge, and even as a spice rack. Several reviewers even mentioned using these to organize that tricky space under the kitchen and bathroom sink, while one reviewer even used these to organize her art supplies. The options are truly endless.

So snag one on sale while you can and take it for a spin! We promise you won’t regret this ride.