The Simple $18 Solution That’ll Instantly Get Your Fridge Organized

published Dec 28, 2023
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Light blue kitchen with grey cabinets.

If there’s one type of organizer every kitchen could use, regardless of size, it’s a turntable. We’re big fans of the spinning trays here at The Kitchn, as many of our own editors find them to be highly helpful when it comes to keeping cabinets and countertops free of clutter. Really, there’s no limit to where you can place a turntable — you might even grab one for the fridge or the area under your sink! Although their design is pretty straightforward, turntables come in many varieties.

We’ll bet you’ve seen a two-tiered one, or even one made of an aesthetically pleasing material, like marble. But we recently came across a version on QVC that takes the organization to the next level thanks to its adjustable dividers. Indeed, the Copco dual compartment turntable is going to be a lifesaver in your kitchen, and right now, it’s on sale for just $18! The organizer is already selling fast, so don’t wait until it’s gone before snagging your own.

What is the Copco Dual Compartment Turntable?

This kitchen organizing essential is so brilliant in part because it’s so simple. Like any other turntable, it can hold a variety of items, keeping them neat and upright within its compartments. By spinning it, you’re able to reach and grab the exact spice, snack, or condiment that you need without disrupting everything around it. Plus, you’ll easily be able to see what you have enough of and what you need to restock with a quick whirl. But where this turntable shines is in its removable dividers. You get three, so you can make each of the main compartments as large or small as you’d like, keeping fridge items, pantry snacks, and coffee gear separated and organized. The turntable also comes with a central part that’s made up of three mini compartments. You can also flip it over and use it as a platform for a two-tiered effect!

Credit: QVC

Why You’ll Love the Copco Dual Compartment Turntable

The turntable will help declutter your fridge and pantry, no doubt, but you could really place this piece in any room of the house, too. Use it for storing cosmetics in the bathroom, stationery in the office, or cleaning supplies under the sink. Its high-walled design will the items visible yet stored securely inside. If you have any doubt about the product’s efficacy, just keep in mind that it sells well on QVC, with shoppers seeming to love it. “I immediately ordered the second one after organizing one shelf in my bathroom linen closet, which I have to use for skincare products, hair products, etc.” one reviewer wrote. “I filled it, including the center part, and it spins so smoothly.”

The turntable’s white and gray colorway will also fit in with a variety of aesthetics, which is important even if you place yours inside a cabinet. Oh, and did we mention the gray part is actually a non-skid liner? When you consider all of these awesome features, $18 is practically nothing to pay for this versatile turntable. In fact, while it’s on clearance, you might grab a couple. Your countertops and cabinets will thank you.

Buy: Copco 12″ Dual Compartment Turntable with Dividers, $17.99 (normally $26)