The Bestselling Ice Packs on Amazon Are Way Cooler Than You’d Even Guess — and They’re on Sale Right Now

updated May 26, 2021
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With BBQs, beach days, and picnics ramping up again, it’s time to dust off your trusty cooler that, sadly, may not have seen the light of day for well over a year. When you’re packing it up for its first big summer outing, don’t forget the ice. Or, forget the ice and pack your cooler with ice packs instead — they’re reusable, more convenient than schlepping to the bodega for a bag of ice, and you won’t end up with a cooler full of water and soggy sandwiches at the end of the day. Some might argue that ice packs don’t keep beverages and snacks as cold as regular ice, but that’s not the case with Cooler Shocks Reusable Ice Packs. According to the brand they actually stay at least 14 degrees cooler than normal ice, which is just one reason why they’ve become a number one Amazon bestseller and have over 10,000 five-star reviews.

So what makes these ice packs so special? Cooler Shock’s ice packs are filled with a proprietary cooling gel that helps them stay much colder for much longer (up to 48 hours) than regular ice. They arrive pre-filled with this special gel, and then you just add water using an included funnel. Seal them off, place them in the freezer, and you’re good to go! Oh, and it’s also worth mentioning that the cooling gel helps them freeze faster than just plain water, making them easy to use over and over again every day if you’re on a beach vacay or just really, really love picnics.

Amazon reviewers have boosted these ice packs up to the top of the charts for Best Ice Packs. “I can’t rave enough about these ice packs!” says one happy buyer. “I have put warm sparkling water, Gatorade, juice, you name it in a cooler and placed these ice packs around the beverages. After a short time — they are cold and forming ice pieces. It is amazing!” Many reviewers also love that these ice packs come in multiple sizes and are more compact than ice. So, they can be used for everything from packing party coolers to your kid’s summer camp lunch box.

One scientifically-minded enthusiast took the time to confirm Cooler Shock’s bold claims. “As a test, I froze two of the Cooler Shocks (lunch box size) and two of my previous ice replacement packs, which are the same size as the Cooler Shocks,” she says. “What I found amazing is that from the minute I removed them all from the freezer, my previous packs were a much higher temperature than the Cooler Shocks. My previous pack scanned at 28.3 degrees and the Cooler Shocks scanned at 6.3 degrees! Seriously, the Cooler Shocks were 22 degrees colder than my non-Cooler Shock freezer packs of the same size! Amazing!”

Besides being great for camping, picnics, and beach days, many reviewers have relied on Cooler Shock’s excellent ice packs for essential purposes such as keeping breast milk frozen while on a road trip, or as cold compresses when recovering from an injury. They’re reliable, reusable, and pay for themselves. One reviewer confirms, “These packs will be making their fifth trip of the season this week and have paid for themselves already in ice savings.” And as another concludes, they’re the “best thing I ever bought for the beach, besides beer.”

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