Cool Treats: How Do You Like Your Ice Cream Floats?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We sometimes forget how good ice cream floats are. A big, creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in a cold, foamy mug of Coca-Cola.

Wait, Coca-Cola? Not root beer? Exactly. Our ice cream floats (Brown Cows, if you will) are always made with Coke. And we add a very important step that makes the foam icy and slushy. Read our tip, below, and tell us your own…

The float above looks like it’s been stirred and blended a bit, doesn’t it? Well, our key to a successful float is putting it back in the freezer for about 10 minutes once it’s made. When we plop in the vanilla ice cream, the Coke foams up, and we like that foam to be almost frozen, forming a film around the ice cream.

We also only use vanilla for our floats — we are traditionalists in that sense. But with the Buttermilk Rosemary and Honey ice creams floating around this site, we’re starting to think of more sophisticated combinations. Maybe using a grown-up, sparkling soda?

How do you make ice cream floats? What flavors are your favorite?

(Image: Flickr member valvados, licensed for use under Creative Commons)