Cool or Crazy? A Fork That Measures Every Bite and Tracks It On Your iPhone

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The latest weight-loss tool to hit the market is staying pretty close to your plate… literally. The HAPIfork ($99) is a “smart fork” that uses sensors to track the number of forkfuls per meal, per minute, and the time intervals between them. If it senses fewer than 10 seconds between forkfuls, it lights up and vibrates, essentially telling the diner to slow down and/or eat less!

The creators of HAPIfork contend that eating too fast is a cause of weight gain, so a smart fork is the perfect aid to help you slow down, eat less, improve your digestion, and lose weight in the process. The accompanying mobile app also records every bite and the duration of your meal.

This sounds a bit much to me! I mean, it’s a cool invention, but I also find myself asking Really?! What do you think of this new gadget? Would you want one? Do you think it’d be helpful, or a waste of money?

(Image: The Verge)