Cool Forgotten Items Unearthed by The Kitchn Cure

updated May 2, 2019
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Y’all! We have crossed the halfway line of The Kitchn Cure! Doesn’t it feel great? The Cure has been all about streamlining for me. I don’t need more, I need less, so I can find and use what I have. As I went through my appliances, gadgets and tools, I found at least one really cool thing I had forgotten, and I’ll be using it regularly. I couldn’t resist the urge to reward myself with a few new things, but I tried to stick to the necessities.

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How did I forget about my Alessi Tripod Trivet? I have no idea. It was the rarest of gifts — the thing you have never seen that fits perfectly into your space and is mad stylish. I love this thing! It’s easy to store and can be adjusted to fit almost any dish. I found it in a jumble of things in the back of a drawer.

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A quick trip to a favorite local kitchen store — Mary and Martha’s — yielded a few necessities and some new finds.

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I needed a couple of things: tongs and a knife honer. I don’t understand why I’ve never had any tongs. I think about them often, every time I have to remove something from boiling water, usually awkwardly, with a spoon. I’m darned excited about the tongs!

A recent knife skills class inspired the honer purchase. Until then, I didn’t know the difference between honing and sharpening. Honing seemed kind of flashy, like throwing pizza dough in the air, but now I know better.

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Speaking of flashy, I’m thrilled with my new ChicWrap plastic wrap dispenser. Seriously, over the moon. No more crumpled plastic wrap that sticks to itself before it makes it onto a dish. The zip cutter on top of the box and the four non-skid rubber feet on the bottom make this the best darn plastic wrap dispenser I’ve ever had. Refills are available, but this first 250 feet should last a while.

The one appliance I have always wanted is a KitchenAid mixer. Since high school, I’ve waffled about the color. I mean, my style has changed over the years. Options included black, red, matte tan, stark white, aqua, navy blue, avocado green, aubergine, mint green and orange, but never pink. But I’ve never really had room for one. For me, a Cuisinart has proved far more useful and worthy of my space. But I still want that KitchenAid, and I may have identified a space.

Do we really need a microwave? We never had one until we moved here, and I like it, but I don’t love it. Should I get a mixer and put it here?

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I think I’m going to think about it for twenty more years. The color thing is definitely an issue, and it’s not in the budget at the moment, so I have time to waffle some more. Feel free to weigh in on the KitchenAid/microwave issue below.

What have you found in your drawers and cabinets during the Kitchn Cure? Anything cool?

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