Cool Down with This Peach Sorbet Mojito Float

(Image credit: Kitchen Confidante)

Today is National Mojito Day, which means we are all obligated to drink a frosty mojito after work. But let’s not just drink any mojito — let’s drink one that’s served over peach sorbet and topped with club soda for a refreshing, fizzy treat.

In the interest of time (it is a Monday, after all), I’d say spring for store-bought peach sorbet, but the author does provide a recipe for a homemade version, which sounds absolutely delicious.

Between the peach sorbet and the optional agave syrup, this cocktail is just sweet enough to balance the bracing fresh lime juice and rum. Also, if you have a mint plant running rampant in your garden right now, this is the perfect opportunity to use a bunch of it up.


Get the Recipe: Peach Sorbet Mojito Float from Kitchen Confidante