Cool Down Tip: Toss Your Yogurt In The Freezer!

Cool Down Tip: Toss Your Yogurt In The Freezer!

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 4, 2009

It doesn't matter if you're making your own yogurt or you have a favorite store bought brand, one of the quickest ways to have a sweet treat (that's also easy on the hips) is to freeze it! We've picked up a few tips in our years of doing so and...

.. with so many varieties of yogurt on the market, make sure to freeze ones you really love. If your yogurt is a little on the tasteless side of the scale, it will be even less thrilling once frozen!

Even if your favorite flavor is one with additional fruit or cream in it, this is a totally do-able trick. Before freezing, simply open the container and swirl things up a bit and secure the lid back down with a little bit of plastic wrap or foil. You can also stir in extra fruit you might have lying around, just make sure it's in small enough pieces you don't end up with super icy bits. If you have a second, toss your fruit pieces with a little vodka to keep them soft and ice free!

You can add a stick to it if you wish, although more often than not we've found our favorite yogurts aren't in the easiest shapes to eat on a stick, so we stick to using a spoon! The good news is you don't have anything else taking up space in your freezer and is a great way to use up yogurt that's ready to go out of date!


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