Calling Small Space Cooks Who Garden: What Do You Grow & How Do You Do It?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’ve ever read our About page, you know we say The Kitchn is a site for people who like to get their hands dirty while they cook. One way to interpret that is quite literally — as in, “dirty” from digging in the dirt! As home cooks, we know that growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables is a natural extension for many of you. So we want to know: if you live and cook in a small space but still manage to grow things in pots or containers, what advice would you give to a fellow home cook and newbie gardener who wants to try his or her hand at it?

For those of you who do backyard and plot gardening, we don’t mean to exclude you! Not everyone has a bit of earth to till and tend, but (almost) everyone can likely start a small garden in a few pots or containers, so we’re focusing on that for this particular query. But feel free to offer your best beginner’s advice!

Tell us:

  • What do you grow in pots or containers?
  • How did you get started? What was your initial setup?
  • What caretaking advice do you have? 
  • What are your top herb, veggie, or fruit suggestions for a small space cook’s garden?
  • What are your biggest small space gardening success and failure stories?
  • And anything else you’d like to share!

(Image: Flickr member Carl Tashian licensed for use under Creative Commons)